Friends With Benefits

Cindy finally finished unpacking. Propping a photograph by her bedside, she took a quick glance around her new crib; a bedsitter that contained everything she owned in the world- a bed, two stacks of books and a bulging clothes rail that made the place look overcrowded already.

A sofa divided the ‘bedroom’ and the ‘kitchen.’

She had just moved out of her boyfriend’s and it felt incredible to finally have her own space. The last year with her ex was unbearable. He’d always been possessive, but the further they grew apart, the more suffocating his solicitous nature became.

Her mind wandered to Andy, the guy she had met at her new job as a waitress. He made her laugh on her very first shift and she found herself constantly thinking about him.

Andy was one of those easy on the eyes blokes that every girl drooled over. A huge smile played on her lips as she reminisced over their date at the Arboretum. They had so much fun sipping cold beers. As he drove her back to her place, he put his arm around her, a gesture he had done before, only that this time, it felt different. It felt more attentive, his fingers gently circling the skin on her shoulder. Her heart was pounding, her senses felt heightened. Her scent mingled with his subtle cologne, everything felt intensified and surreal.

Her mind was already at her place, sitting on her couch, his lips buried in her neck, licking and biting down on her breasts, Andy’s strong hands running up her thighs, his hot, hard lips and soft, wet tongue inside her. She swallowed hard and struggled to fight thoughts of him- hard, thick, pulsing inside of her.


Andy was coming over at her place. The last time, he just dropped her and left.

Cindy had missed him so much, the way he made her laugh, his surprising shyness and the number of times she succeeded in making him blush.

A knock. She answered and her presence is graced by a tall, ebony man holding a shopping bag while grinning broadly.

“House warming present,” he says, carelessly dropping the bags and reaching for her. She is quickly wrapped in his embrace.

“Oh my god, thank you,” she cried, ecstatic, flustered and utterly surprised.

“I’ve only just moved in, there’s a lot of work to do on it yet,” she averred apologetically.

“It’s great Cindy,” he said, not looking at the room but at her. Nuh, he was staring at her, really staring.

“You’re gorgeous.” He breathed.

He cupped her chin in his hand, stroking her cheek with his thumb. Then gently and kissed her full on the mouth.

Cindy’s desire flooded to the surface and her hands ran up to his face, kissing him fast and hard. He met each of her kisses, pulling her closer, his hands went up under her T-shirt, bringing every inch of skin to life with his touch. They pulled each other’s tops off, hungrily, as he pushed her down to the floor, undressing and kissing her all at once. When she got right down to her pants, opening her legs to him, he stopped and kneeled above her, his chest rippling above the waistband of his jeans.

“I’ve waited so long for this moment, let’s not rush it,” he murmured softly, lifting her foot up to his mouth and kissing each of her toes. He moved up along the inside of her legs, licking and kissing and stroking her skin with his cheek. He was everything that she ever fantasized about and more. As he kissed her stomach, he slid his hand inside of her and must have felt how aroused she was, because he groaned.

“You’re beautiful, Cindy,” he whispered in her ear,

And she felt it. More beautiful than she had ever felt in her life. Her hips were raised off the floor, tense and expectant, willing him to go deeper and deeper inside of her. He answered each of her moans with a deeper groan, teased, withdrawing his fingers with a stroke and entering again until she was ready to explode.

She reached into his jeans and tugged at him, but he kept whispering, “Not yet Cindy, not yet.” He waited until she came, waves of pleasure surging through her, and with his hand still inside of her, he turned her over onto all fours, pulling her up onto his lap so that she was kneeling with her back to him. She expected him to take his hand away but he left it in there, slowly stroking her, reaching further and further with his fingertips whilst his other hand kneaded her breast, kissing her back the whole time. Another orgasm shuddered through her.

She was still clenching and releasing in pleasure when he took his hand away. Cindy glanced back over her shoulder and saw that he had pulled a condom out of his pocket. Her mind reeled, how did he know to bring a condom? She is not enraged, instead, she is even more turned on.

He slipped inside of her, controlling her movements with his hands, gripping her waist. It was totally overwhelming, but at the same time, she never willed it to stop. She swiveled round and wrapped her legs around his back, gripping onto the back of his neck and looking straight into his burning eyes.

“Oh God,” he groaned and sped up, pushing her back onto her elbows so that he leaned forward and took her breasts into his mouth.

When she felt his body become tense, ready to orgasm, she got so full of desire, clutching him closer as they shivered against each other.

They laid back on the carpet and Andy rested his head on her stomach, slowly stroking her legs. There was so much to say but they were both too exhausted to voice it or know where to begin.

After fifteen minutes of just lying there, he propped his head up on one elbow and stared at her, his eyes twinkling with a smile.

“I can’t believe this is happening,” She laughed.

“I know, it’s crazy…”

While they lay there in silence, her mind began running, she was not ready to dive into another relationship yet; then he looked at her again, and the knot of anxiety that was building up in her stomach began to ebb away immediately. She reached across and stroked his muscular arm.

He stood up and pulled Cindy to her feet. Cupping her bottom in his hands he leaned in for a long, slow kiss. She felt him harden against her and in one swift motion he pulled her up off the floor. Instinctively, she hooked her legs around him. In between kisses and bites on her neck he started to stream off his fantasies about them.

“I want to have you in the shower, on that coffee table, I want to kiss each inch of your body, I want to taste you, outside, in my car, I want to watch you touch yourself.”

She stifled a cry as he dropped her onto the bed.

Propping herself up on one elbow, she slipped her hand in between her legs, not taking her eyes off him for a second.

“Let’s start there then,” She said, feeling more confident and sexual than she ever felt in her life before.

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Written by Aoko Otieno

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