Gentlemen, You Do Not Owe Your Girlfriend Financial Obligations, Whatever You Do Is Pure Chivalry


The only thing. The absolutely uncontested thing you owe your girlfriend- any woman you are have a thing who is not your wife – is orgasms.

You don’t owe her rent. You don’t owe her salon money. You don’t owe her boutique money. You don’t owe her shit.

You are neither her father, her employer, her poverty alleviation scheme- you are her man.

Am I saying you should not spend on your woman? NO! But it is NOT an OBLIGATION. It is out of your chivalry and courtesy. It is not compulsory. She should not set conditions or throw tantrums, you are not her mother.

Any woman who pegs monetary conditions and ultimatums on you is a hoe. Period. It is not about standards, she is just a slut who is differently packaged.

Give your woman money, treat her, spoil her out of the goodness of your heart. Because you love and appreciate her. Not because it is your duty, ulimzaa? Did God appoint you her guardian angel?

She is not handicapped. She is not mentally challenged. Fellow men are building empires, you are wasting your money on an elastic, slimy convergence of muscles and mucus? Who raised you?

Before you dated her, how was she surviving? If you leave, how will she survive? You take Tala loan to treat a woman who is not your wife and is probably moaning another nigga’s name when you shag her? You pay rent 15k, same amount she spends on her weave and which you religiously dish out? While your mother walks in torn rubbers and rags upcountry?

Why are you wearing balls like ornaments? Be a man. Stop enabling these hoes. The only difference between you and her is that your clit got elongated as a foetus and became a phallus- pure evolution matrix.

Women must be willing to start from somewhere. Start small. Work hard. Use your talent. Your business acumen. Your intellectual wherewithal. Stop shouting about patriarchy when you enable it by being greedy and lazy.

If you cannot afford your lifestyle with YOUR money, get financed by your parents. There’s NO SHAME in starting small. Anyone who belittles your humble beginning is an oik unworthy of breathing.

Stop calling men broke yet you cannot buy a virgin mojito without their benevolence and Harambee.

What do you think?

Written by Aoko Otieno

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