A Responsible Woman Takes Care Of Her Man’s Under Garment Needs

Here is an obnoxious truth. One women would rather sneer at than face- that sometimes, good men come wrapped as drab and woeful packages.

Even Diamonds look like dirty pebbles, until they’re polished and cut.

It is unwise to sacrifice a good man on the altar of trivialities. The perfect man is an illusion. A perfect woman is a mirage.

Not very men score highly when it comes to being conscious of their inner garments. But does it make them lesser men? Unworthy and undeserving of a proper woman?

There’s a reason the Holy scriptures label women as HELPERS. There’s also an explanation to why nuances of modernity term them as PARTNERS. A partner complements you and puts a veneer over your weaknesses.

If he is a good man by significant yardsticks whose only conspicuous mistake is a shallow sartorial sense, take him. And fix it. If he is thoughtful, decent, smart, industrious, focused but wears sneakers on an official outfit, that’s something you can change!

If he gives you 1k for Uber, take a Mat. Then use the remaining to get him a pair of boxers/briefs. These things are cheap. Most men for some reason, find it daunting to shop for inner garments. This way, you haven’t spent your money- but you still spruced him up and such gestures entrench themselves in the heart.

Does his vests look like something between cream and biege? Don’t go to chit chat to rant about how you met a dirty, lazy idiot. Show him how to soak. If you can swallow his dick, with all that sweat because you love your meat salty, showing him how to clean utashindwa?

When we say be a woman who brings more than just a wet crack to the table, we don’t imply that you bring a title deed too. Something has to set you apart from your mates. Sometimes, it’s these acts that purvey you as a woman who cares, thinks, is economical and can cover his shame.

But let’s be clear, you bought him briefs, you didn’t donate a kidney. Don’t use it as a yarn on how you changed his life. Even Mau Mau fought for our freedom and are not screaming about it. If he doesn’t appreciate it, his loss. You would have done your bit to fix humanity. Wait on God’s rewards.

So Sis, get that Diamond. Scrap off the dirt and watch it sparkle

A woman will rely on a man for weaves. Without which she looks like a Nigerian Voodoo masquerade…

A woman will rely on a man to buy makeup. With this quarantine, do you see them post endless selfies? Because their financers are experiencing hard economic times…

A woman will “woishe” you to buy her a phone, alcohol…

A man will take you to a fancy date complete with a gift on your birthday… On his birthday, you only send a text.

And I say use the small chunk of that very money he has given you to buy your men briefs, vests, deodorant and you are screeching like wasted brake pads za Mbukinya?

How many of you can swear that your man’s money, however little, doesn’t help you? The same way anekung’arisha na mafuta na weaves, what’s so difficult in sprucing him up?

Give even if it’s not in the same proportion as that through which you receive. Conventional law of moral sense.

Guys. Especially if she’s not your wife. Calculate how much you spend on her. Then check what has she ever done for you . Then readjust. You are not charity sweepstakes.

What do you think?

Written by Aoko Otieno

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