Give ‘Poorly Packaged’ Men With Good Character and Potential A chance at Love

It is an anecdote that has been chronicled a legion of times. Including by yours truly. But today, we retell it again- for the sake of liberation of team “Miss Independent.”

Come on, we all know why their story sells like an archetype bestseller in the pantheon of greatest couples: I’m talking about Michelle and Barack Obama

At 25, Mich had graduated from Harvard and was working at Sidley Austin, a robust law firm in Chicago. Listen, Sidley Austin was/is not these River road law firms operated by Nyalgunga pseudo Law graduates; the firm was formed in Chicago in 1866 by Norman Williams and John Leverett Thompson and among the firm’s first clients was former first lady Mary Todd Lincoln, the widow of President Abraham Lincoln. Lincoln himself was an erudite self educated lawyer. Story for another day.

Back to the crux of the article, Mich was Ivy league educated (Google what that means) and was already an employee of an eminent law firm when she was tasked to show a lanky, walking chimney, easy on the eyes , 27 year old First Year student the ropes.

Here is how Mich knew Obama had a vertebrae of greatness in him. Sidley Austin hardly gave freshers opportunities to intern at their firm. They made an exception for Barack. He was sharp.

Was she immediately smitten by him? No. He asked her out a couple of times and she said no. He kept asking anyway. That’s a well suckled man there. There are idiots you will tell no and they’ll go moaning like bitches on WhatsApp status with- unaringa na huna matiti. Don’t be a fucktard, sometimes, our No means try again.

For their first date, Barry took Mich to an art gallery , had lunch and then wound up with a dash at the ice cream parlor and a movie. Nothing boojee. No Kempinsky, no “I only do Trattoria” balderdash.

Their story should serve as a wake up call to the typical “independent” Kenyan women. The women who feel like having Masters and earning a fairly decent salary makes them “Albertina” Einstein and Antoinette all in one.

The ilk who use their academic credentials and job description to instill the fear of Jesus’ daddy in men. They will sneer and jeer at you just because you wear what and not who. I.e, your sartorial taste isn’t defined by brands. Let me elucidate further, when you wear jeans, are you wearing Muthurwa jeans or Balenciaga, AMIRI or All Saints?

They only accept lunch dates if the restaurant is affluent. Come to think of it, these high end restaurants only sell ambiance, their food is as bland.

Okay. Focus. Miss independent is only drawn to these ritzy clubs where they end up meeting slay kings/con men with hired cars and whose only investment is a loud cologne that makes up for their empty noggins. They vaunt some 3 packs(too lazy for 6packs), fake accents and they’re ever interrupting the conversation to pick a fake Governor Sonko’s, CS Macharia’s, Senator Kajwang’s call.

A typical Kenyan woman with some average degree and inconsequential Masters will be smitten by a man who wields car keys and lies professionally like Ruto. Few months later, she is pregnant and the conman she loaned because he has a business in Dubai has ‘Malaysiad.’

She logs into Facebook and the man she labelled average and broke has uploaded his wedding photos. She turns into a self love activist and men basher. At 38, she is a bitter single mother of two because her fake Standards squirted on her face.

Be like Mich. Give men with potential a chance. Or you will be a miserable milf with an assortment of Dildos in your wardrobe. Dildos give orgasms, yes- but they don’t cuddle after sex , kiss or make you a First Lady

What do you think?

Written by Aoko Otieno

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