Of Men Of Power Who Were Built Or Brought Down By Their Women

There are men who tasted power, and the taste became palatable legacies courtesy of the women in their lives. For these women added the ingredients of grit, wisdom, audacity, empathy, candour and selflessness to the broth of power.

Such men include former Argentina President Juan Peròn whose wife Evita Peron injected verve into his regime through her “pro hoi poloi” policies and projects.

Eva and Juan Peron

Franklin Delano Roosevelt, the 32nd US president whose wife Eleanor Roosevelt pushed him to vie even as his physical disability (he had polio) weighed him down. Today, FDR holds the record as the most powerful disabled man to have lived.

Delano won US elections FOUR times, unbeaten record and was instrumental in changing US isolationist foreign policy as well as WW2. His wife Eleanor was among those who wrote the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Men like Thomas Noel Isdore Sankara whose wife was content being referred to as “my widow” because she knew his work was important and that consequently, he would leave her anytime. She inspired his “feminism” side and at one time, declared that women sit at home while men go to the market.

Then there were men marked by the gods for greatness. Until they sniffed pussy. Mobutu Sese seko married a 14 year old Marie-Antoinette who died of heart failure at only 36. Marie kept Mobutu in check and would storm his meetings to disagree with his strong handedness. Then she died and Mobutu married twins. One legally, the other as official mistress- and he morphed into a full blown dictator

Men like the Pan Africanist (yet pathetic Nationalist) Cde Mugabe who was a good man. Until his first wife died of cancer and he married his young secretary- Gucci Grace Mugabe

If you thought Gucci Grace Mugabe had a leash on Uncle Bob, meet the disgraced and beleaguered ex Lesotho Prime Minister. A man with a stellar political resume who rose through the ranks from a lowly civil servant but now has his name smeared with the stench of disrepute because of the woman, half his age, that he married few years ago.

Tom Thabane had an affair with a plump, beautiful, Sotho woman that led to his divorce. A day before he was made PM in 2017, his ex wife who would have still been the official First Lady despite the divorce, was murdered in cold blood.

Few day later, Thabane, 81, sat in the sun for two hours at a stadium where he publicly married his 40 year old mistress. Few months ago, it was established that his mistress orchestrated the murder of Thabane’s ex wife over the coveted 1st lady title.

The man’s years of service down the drain all because of a woman. When Aoko says your destiny will be shaped by the person you marry, I’m labelled women basher.

History and the anecdotes herein vindicates me. So by all means, take your time, there is no rush- this is your DESTINY we are talking about.

What do you think?

Written by Aoko Otieno

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