Broke Nairobi Women Should Stop Putting Unreasonable Demands on Men

Nobody has higher standards like a jobless Nairobi woman. Especially these clueless 20-something year old Nairobi girls who have unrealistic expectations of men.

It is a cinch; Nairobi men endure a lot. There is no annoying type of woman like a jobless one with unreasonable demands. You approach a woman sipping Fanta in a night club or at a restaurant and as soon as you offer to buy her a drink, she switches to a drink that is 22 times the price of her soft drink.

The latest ‘class’ game in Nairobi is women refusing to use matatus, after a night-out. Even during the day, men are finding it hard to invite a woman over, especially if they are not the driving types. Uber taxi has now become part of their lingo. “I don’t do mats,” you will hear them claim.

Ask her to take a matatu and you will earn the classic sneer they reserve for alleged frugal and poor blokes. Listen girls, we know most of you are ignorant, but there is economic inflation weighing down on common wananchi, especially those who are not dealing in drugs or stealing our taxes. Be humble enough to board a matatu because what did they use to ride before Uber? Why some women are allergic to spending their own money.

So yes, there is nothing wrong with taking a Matatu to see a man burdened by taxes. Ever since pilfers working in County Governments, Nigerian Drug peddlers, old men who have worked for over 40 years, government kleptomaniacs and Congolese invaded the dating scene and flaunted money around, women have become entitled and ordinary men have been left high and dry. That sh600 for Uber is enough to buy him mboga and ka nyama quarter for three days.

You meet a 24-year-old with a phone with a phone whose worth can pay your one-bedroom rent in Eastlands for 8 months. They are the ilk who have blacklisted restaurants on Tom Mboya streets. They would always cite some silly reason, like ‘I don’t like the crowd.’

If you frequent any of the smoky, open air eateries in Upper hill that are loved by the working class, you will find women digging ravishingly in the food. Offer to buy them lunch and their taste morphs to that of a regal.

These broke lasses will chide you for living in Thika Road yet she is squeezed in a bedsitter somewhere with a few of her co-fickle minded simpletons. That explains why they are often too willing to come over but never invite men at their place.

We know of women who can’t date men of certain ‘class’ because they live on the East side of town, do not drive or don’t party in desirable parts of town. These cabal in engrossed in myopia, chasing utopia and they consequently miss out on many potential husband-material while they chase the ever elusive ‘eligible bachelors.’

Simple ladies are winners. They know how to live life realistically, and can be pragmatic. They know a good man when they see one in their 20s. But the proud-for-nothing lasses lift their noses and asses, partying and calling men broke all through their 20s, dating bad boys who break their hearts and leave trails of destruction and illegitimate children to boot. They wake up in their 30s bitter, single, miserable angry at men, turn into toxic feminists.

If you are a woman aged 23-28 years who wants to party until kingdom come, just know that finding a husband in your 30s is doubly difficult. Talk to some of these single mothers in this city, their stories will probably inspire them to be more responsible. It is just impossible to find a woman who is real, unless an older woman, or a woman who earns good money to overcome such fake-ness

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Written by Aoko Otieno

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