Forget Six Packs, The Sexiest Thing in a Man Is Intelligence

There is something about a wholesomely intelligent man. One who is not only erudite but also emotionally sound and socially grounded.

The son of a woman with a blue-ribbon IQ score; but one who is also able to adapt to varied social environments and instantly gets along with people. Especially if he is refined by the fire that is life circumstances. When he is so deep that he draws positivity, confidence and self-assurance from within. 

You do not meet such in the weary squalor of downtown clubs, puffing smoke and drenched in drunken sweat. He is the ilk that you do not engage with sentimental trivialities, neither do they churn bland pickup lines. They do not apply vacuous sophistry to woo women. They are open, honest and decent.

Lucky are you when you find shared interests and fundamental values upon which you can build an impenetrable bastion. When a bond can be nurtured to an almost sacred sphere. A man whose arms offers a safe haven, where the air is pristine whenever life gets stale. When every conversation, no matter how mundane is significant.

A man whose conversations challenges you to think. In their presence, you can be sure not to sink into a bored indifference. With an intellectually curious man, there’s no room for feeling content with your lack of achievement. No room for feeling vacant and ethereal.

These men are the type who read. And when they elucidate issues, your heart oscillates with significant passion- you watch his lips as he talks, so beautifully, you want to drown the rest of the words in kisses.

A man who reads possesses a vocabulary that can describe your innate beauty and articulates himself in a manner that can stir a desperate need in you. Books has replaced their closed minds with an open one and will not take to heart your moments of anger, nor mistake it for bitter cynicism.

Cerebral men have much more to talk about than the average brothers who ask for nudes. A woman gets enchanted by a man who has depth, not the riff raffs who talk about nothing but sex. Talking of sex, for the woman, it starts in the mind. A sharp man is sexy AF!

Women love men they can revere and admire. Aside from inculcate chivalry, intelligence is worth drawing, leaving a lady in awe.

Knowledgeable men seek and explore in search of knowing more. Best believe, they will thirst and hunger to know you better and find way to love you better.  He will tap into all that she is.

Such men inspire adventure and growth. It is easy to develop and grow with such a man in every sphere of life even economically if they started from humble beginnings. They are easy to hold conversations with.

Intelligence denotes emotional growth and not necessarily educational acquisition. It is deeper than getting a double Masters. It is about being wise, simple living, higher thinking. Mind over matter. It is about respecting all women, and elevating and valuing the one and only woman you love.

What do you think?

Written by Aoko Otieno

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