Nine Things Women Do in Bed That Men Hate

Sex, the one thing many adults relish, indulge in but do not wish to talk about. Talking of which, sex discourses are often monolithic in the sense that, it is often largely geared on how to please a woman.

How about how to please a man? How about the things women do that turn men off? dislikes of men too. So ladies, let us have this conversations, shall we?

First things first; there is no such thing as bad sex neither does one require a Masters in Kamasutra as a prerequisite to enjoy it and since it takes two to do the deed, how about women also get a glimpse of what fellas detest under the sheets.

Make no mistake, good sex can keep a man.

Madam Mean and Lazy

Boring sex is like tilling a barren land- tiring, uninspiring, energy supping, infuriating and with no returns of pleasure. Too many women spend a great deal of effort on their outward appearance but tend to make no investment in lovemaking skills. It is daunting to out up a chase for a woman you desire and who plays hard to get and when she finally gets into ‘the box’ and offer the cookie jar, you find pit that you have been courting a cold bot who lies still in bed like an Egyptian mummy.

Bland sex is like a slow puncture, progressively sucking the oomph and passion in a relationship.

No one cares if you are a Catholic or if you are a version of Saint Teresa of Asisi, if you can’t be vibrant in bed, go enroll in a monastery. Nothing upsets a dude than a woman who is just lying there, starfish shape, rolling her eyes loudly and whose countenance reveals how she cannot wait for it to be over.

Plus, forget how you were raised, learn to initiate sex. And for heaven’s sake, reciprocate. If he’s always going down on you, but you never go down on him, you are selfish. Dudes might not voice this, but trust me, he notices if you make him constantly ride the train downtown when you’re only worried about your uptown commute. If he likes you enough to satisfy your every need, why aren’t you willing to do the same?

Men love it when a woman can initiate sex and be in control sometimes, a freak in the sheets, someone that makes them feel macho not an inferior, lazy bum woman who want everything done for her.

Tone Down the Soundtrack

Tell me of a single good movie that does not have a dope soundtrack. They do right? The same goes for lovemaking. Making sound during sex is a great way to communicate that you’re enjoying what you’re feeling and to signal to your partner that you want more of that.

However, you do not have to turn a love making session into an opera show with all the “Ave Maaaarrrrriiiiiiaaaaa” screams. Yes, a little moaning and groaning and a cry out here and there makes him feel macho and works like fuel on fire that keeps it ablaze but do not overdo it.

Men cannot stand it when you scream like a maniac, it is not sexy or cool, it is freaking embarrassing and scary. So if your sound track is a mix of rap, opera and crank all unleashed at once, please tone it down and make it more of soul and RnB with a twist of Gospel, you know the “Oh My God!” stuff.

Hygiene is key

Does he give excuses so as not to touch you? No, it has got nothing to do with another woman, just check on your hygiene. Do not join your man in bed without taking a shower! The sweat and body odour makes for a tummy wrenching combination, brush your teeth because he might want to come in for a kiss and yes, “deforestation.”

Moan another Man’s name

This is tantamount to crime. No man can stomach the pain and humiliation of a woman calling out another man’s name in the heat of the moment.

If you know you have a coterie of boyfriends at the palm of or hands dear sister, that’s your business; but if you must call out a name during romp, do not take chances, minimize collateral damage by opting to use words like “baby, darling, my love,’ the list is endless.

Simply put, do not go yelling “Oh William” when his name is Ben. If you must yell a name, then let it be biblical like Mathew so that when he starts asking who the hell is John just add chapter 5 versus 18 and you are good to go.

Stop Wearing Sing’enge ni Ng’ombe Faded T-shirts to bed

It’s true when the say that men are visual beings. So do not wear a woolen sweater, thick cotton pajamas, a huge headgear, socks and gloves to bed and expect to inspire him to want to touch you. By the time he I done removing our regalia, he would have lost his mood.

Men have countless number of times complained about the horrible apparels women wear to bed, cut the military combat, you are going to make love, not war.

Bring up issues during the act

You know how the saying goes; that  a man is most vulnerable and weak in moments of pleasure but girl, that is not the time to blurt out about a text message you read on his phone or check him about this girl he keeps liking her updates on Facebook.

Neither is that the time to talk about money for new clothes or how all your friends have cars except you. Men hate it when you use that intimate time to bring up all messy issues like his beef with his baby mama; if you have to talk about those stuff, do it before or after but not when he is trying to get his cookie.

Faking The Big ‘O’

Research has shown that out of ten women, only half have ever experienced an orgasm. If you ask me, these alarming figures should make it be declared a universal concern.

Guys, she could be faking it just to make you finish or to boost your ego. Ladies, if you have to fake the huge O, better be good at it and do not let him know. We understand why you have to do it; perhaps, he has been pounding you like a West African ‘tom tom’ drum for over an hour and the thing won’t just come. You’ve tried too hard to cum until you have a migraine but the G-spot has pulled a Malaysia plane on you so what to do other than let out a fake one? Just make it sound, look and feel real.

It is Missionary or Nothing

Ladies, I am not saying you turn into a gymnast and start doing somersaults but quit being rigid, men abhor it.

Come-on, you will not go to hell if you indulge in any other style than the gods ordained missionary- get kinky- be spontaneous and make sex fun rather than a boring routine.

As long as you are comfortable, who knows, the reverse cow girl might just be the position that gets you reciting hail Mary in Gujarati.

Roll Over, I want to Pick My Phone

So your phone has rung in the middle of the dance of gonads, must you distract a man just to answer a uses call from your girlfriend who just wants to gossip? She can wait.

It does not matter whether you are enjoying it or otherwise, or yes, he might be smooch like a giraffe and pinches your nipple like a radio knob and you hat it! But that is no excuse to be chatting while he is doing his thing just because you do not like how he does it. Two things- tell him to stop or put the phone away and show him how you want it done.

What do you think?

Written by Aoko Otieno

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