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Drama as Akothe’s Relatives Accuse Her Of Sucking Family’s Blood to Make Money

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Her native name is Esther Akoth. But she is too feisty and blunt a spirit to have such a bland name- so she added sugar, spice, and everything controversial and gbam- now you can call her Akothee

Her life is often lived on social media; when she is happy, horny, piqued, or corny, you are sure to decipher her mood from her posts.

She hides nothing. Wears her heart on her sleeves and Kenyans quite frankly cannot get enough of her razzmatazz. Because she is peculiar. Kenyans have seen women professors, including Higher Doctorates like Prof. Patricia Kameri-Mbote. Kenyans have seen women pilots, women governors, women attempt being Presidents. Kenyans have watched Verah Sidika morph from Indigo to Yellow, they have watched as  Huddah morph from a ‘crooked teethed’ riffraff to now running cosmetics biz.

But nothing prepared Kenyans for a loud, abrasive, well-fit, proudly functionally illiterate millionaire single mother of five with three different men, who has literally taken over social media. Some bow in awe, some in envy, others in admiration- while the rest like I, are often conflicted. Choosing to hail her where due and poke her where necessary

And so they conjure all kinds of balderdash after their little minds have failed to place Akothe. And one bulls#t they often thrust her way is that she is devilish

She first addressed this in 2017 when she told Jeff and Jalang’o on Hot 96 that she doesn’t believe in the Illuminati and stories of Illuminati and witch doctors only appeal to lazybones.

“Most people talk about Illuminati, I don’t know where Illuminati is. Because if there is Illuminati I didn’t have to wake up at to catch a flight. Why didn’t I just ask Illuminati to come for an interview? I believe that (Illuminati) is a game for lazy people. There is nothing like Illuminati or waganga.” She said.

She then went on to reveal that people often approach her asking her to take them to the source of her wealth since they thought she was a member of the Illuminati or consulted witch doctors, but she tells them that her wealth is from hard work.

“People approach me, but I tell them there is nothing like Illuminati. I drove a taxi during the night and by day I manufactured liquid soap to survive.” She said adding that,

“I had to hustle! A white man will not wake up in the morning and give an idiot some money.” She said in regards to those who asked her to hook them up to a mzungu for wealth.

After hustling making soap in the day and driving a taxi by night, she used to hang out at the club and that was when she met her Swiss baby daddy and they moved to Switzerland. But he was not interested in marriage so he kicked her out when she was 9 months pregnant.

Seeing her in her desperate state, some people suggested a few things she could do to get back at her baby daddy and eke out a living but she wouldn’t so she decided to come back to Kenya and as she was coming back, her ex-boyfriend gave her Sh1 million

“People believe that if you are dating mzungu you will enjoy high living standards but those people are living a normal life. When I came back people expected me to give birth at those fancy hospitals but I went to a cheaper hospital. I used Sh700, 000 to buy a second car for my taxi business, I paid rent for my children for a whole year with the rest.” She said on how she spent the 1 Million Kshs.

Two weeks after giving birth, Akothee was on the road again as a V.I.P taxi driver and that is when she met The French ambassador to Djibouti. Impressed that she was hustling just two weeks after giving birth, he invited her for a trip to Djibouti and as they say, the rest is history.

Then in 2020, the detractors arose again.

In a long post, the single mother of five wrote that her daughters were bullied at school and their schoolmates branded them Illuminati.

“If a child tells you she doesn’t like a certain school or environment, please take note of what she is saying, she could be receiving pressure from, schoolmates, teachers.

“When my kids were still in primary school, some teachers judged them based on their family background, some fellow students accused them of Illuminati because their mother came to school with a big black car full of foodstuffs and what they heard their parents discuss at home or read on media.”

Akothee said her lastborn daughter, Fancy, started falling behind in school.

“She is fragile based on the fact that my marriage was dissolved when she was hardly five and this left a heavy impact on her.

“It’s sad as parents ruining our own children’s lives by breaking up and not taking charge of walking them through divorce or breakup most children raised in a broken family domestic violent families are very fragile.”

She asked cyberbullies to back off because they drive many people to suicide.

“It is devilish and unacceptable. If you feel threatened in any way as a teenager please call 116. I am a product of cyberbullying and I know what impact it has brought to my family. Protect your family like you would protect your heart.”

And the issue is back again in 2021 and this time around, she is more pained that it is coming from her family. So she took to her therapy- social media-to vent

“It’s with deep sorrows that we pretend to love and support each other, yet we are devil’s The amount of hypocrisy is too much. I am sad that people I call family regard me as ILLUMINATI. That I’m drinking my own sister-in-law’s blood.

Well, Death is inevitable and today it’s here tomorrow it’s there. I’ll equally die but coming up with a conspiracy theory to satisfy malice, jealousy, and hate is sad

Well, Personally I regard this as primitivity. Illiteracy and disrespect coming from ANYUOLA. People who know Me very well.

I just grew up with you guys, some have even seen my journey, and today, nobody appreciates it. Koro Jachien eka tinde odonjo to kamaru to en gweth nyasaye! Kamar jomoko to en ILLUMINATI.

Kawuono nyalo bedo Marwa kendo unyalo wuoye lakini tho to ja rao. Kotieko todhi kamachielo. Illuminati is the new name of success. Accept and appreciate people’s success. There’s enough for everyone, and stop covering your jealousy with Illuminati.

What surprises me is you still come to ask for help from Illuminati. Why is it so? Why are we instilling bad manners in our children to imagine that success can only be through Illuminati? Why do your children look? for jobs? Or their blood is not acceptable by the Illuminati.

So none of you saw me growing to this level, or is it poverty that brings this pain. Who will not die and who has killed those people in those mortuaries?

Who is above death ? My sisters-in-law who passed on have finished their journey, and it’s nothing to smile about. Whoever thinks it’s a story to laugh about should continue doing that because today death is in our home and tomorrow it goes somewhere else.

I am living my small life in my own corner, I support where I can, I don’t even know how each one of you lives. Sadly, you guys give strangers stones to stone us when you know the truth.”

What do you think?

Written by Aoko Otieno

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