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Just Coz a Man Chews You Doesn’t Mean He Wants a Relationship- Andrew Kibe to Women

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Andrew Kibe is not your typical, chivalrous, nice dude. The type that sings about women empowerment just to earn a free pass to some lousy coochie or pulls chairs and opens car doors.

Nuh. He is an effing bad boy.

But let’s face it, women love bad boys, what else explains why good dudes finish last?

Ladies will listen to male feminists like Maina Kageni and relationship coaches like Benjamin Zulu but they still get eaten easily – without much ado by bad boys like Shaffie Weru, Kibe, and the likes

In a tweet, the proprietor of Rogue Radio advised women that one way to avoid heartaches is to stop expecting a relationship every time a man hits on them. Some just want to relieve their balls and move on

In other words, ladies, separate your heart from your p#@% and use your head for more than just hoisting a weave- And stop expecting a wedding from every man who makes you staring at his ceiling

Come on, why are you frowning? I wasn’t the one who made the tweet. Let’s face it:

Men don’t have to say “I Love you” to get you in their sheets, they do not have to commit to get you drooling, a typical woman will sleep with a man because he is cute, funny, tall, smart, and successful.

And if that’s the case, and they sleep with us based on attraction alone, regardless of whether they have actual FEELINGS for you, it tends to get a little dicey.

Hitting it doesn’t mean they want a relationship, they were having fun, he was probably tipsy, horny, curious and so he took a chance, and we scored.

Do you want to see where you stand with a man? Don’t pay attention to how hot your date was. Pay attention to how he handles himself in the next 24-48 hours.

Understand that unless he REALLY likes you, the second you leave, he’s thinking about how he can get out of this.

If there have been no phone calls or dates where he takes you out and spends quality time with you, guess what?

You’re the booty call.

If he’s excited about you and wants you to be his girlfriend, he’ll call you the next day to say, “I had fun, when can I take you out to dinner this week?”

When a guy doesn’t want to sleep with you again and is already planning his exit strategy, he’s not going to say, “I think we made a mistake. Good luck in life.” He’s more likely going to do something like this:

– A one-line text to follow up.
– A few days of silence afterward because he doesn’t want you to get attached.
– Another text a few days later to say he’s thinking of you, but he’s been busy.
– A text a week later at 9 pm to ask what you’re doing right now.

If there have been no phone calls or dates where he takes you out and spends quality time (and money) on you, guess what?

So most men will not be as loud as Kibe, but their actions speak- you are only hurt because you do not listen

This is why I’m saying that men are being honest with you.

He’s not talking about meeting your family.
He’s not talking about taking you away to Paris.
He’s not talking about the names of your kids.
He’s not talking about love and marriage.
Hell, he’s not even talking about dinner and a movie!

He hasn’t lied to you. He hasn’t promised you anything. He hasn’t done anything after sleeping with you that indicates that he’s serious about you.

So, reward this kind man for trying to protect your feelings by…Either continuing to warm his bed or cut him off completely

What do you think?

Written by Aoko Otieno

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