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Betty Kyalo’s Thirsty Tweet Exposes Kenyan TV Girls As Overrated Slay Queens

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Local television sirens are pretty; and thus understandably envied by fellow women…even men. The divas are thrust into our living rooms daily with their bouncy weaves, climbing dresses, and imitated accents.

They have great jobs, connections, are famous, and thus get special treatment. They live largely – perhaps for optics- and have a huge following on social media.

Your favorite TV girl, for instance, could be driving a sleek German machine, dons imported weaves worth your rent, speaks English with an exaggerated twang and you would have probably heard of her celebrity wedding to a rich bloke you only know from newspaper reports- for the few who are or were married that is. Most of their marriages often do not last.

Politicians and other prominent personalities among them businessmen and top government officials seem to have an obsession for these ‘sassy’ women.

Because egocentric men with stolen taxes and power love beautiful women with less substance upstairs and who are often too willing to be exorbitantly wined and dined so that they can floss for their followers on social media.

They invite them to their secret parties and pay for tickets for out-of-town trips just to spend time with them. Some end up with their babies while others actually end up becoming spouses.

With the pressure of their friends living life on the fast lane; driving expensive cars and living in posh leafy suburbs, many TV girls find it irresistible when the prominent personalities rolling in money offer to bankroll them. They can afford flights to Dubai, buy them the latest cars, and pimp their life for a little romantic ‘favor’ in return.

You should listen to a group of inept politicians, haggled somewhere in a cozy den, imbibing on expensive bourbon and bragging of the TV girls they have slept with. Yes, they discuss that a lot more than their legislative duties.

To them, it is a status thing. It is a conquest. Like an artist who collects artifacts for his gallery. They bask in the thrill that, that hot girl doing the Primetime TV bulletin has actually been on their bed…. or even better… “She is coming to meet me after this, just wait here and see her live”

Most of these TV girls are average bimbos with nada depth. Take away the Teleprompter and they can barely reason coherently on a tangible discourse. Reading an auto-cue and interviewing celebs is no pressure!

These ladies have taken professionalism to the newest levels on the low side.

There has been a lot of complaints that Kenyan TV girls lack the brains and proper skills needed to conduct professional interviews, read news and analyze them like their colleagues who work in international media houses. Their comprehension of issues is shallow and their moderating skills are whack! Ever wondered why it is male anchors who are chosen to interview high-profile leaders?

There are justifiable sentiments that typical Kenyan TV girls as socialite bimbos and glorified tarts hired according to their physical appearance.

Prominent city lawyer, Ahmednasir Abdullahi, is on record on a tweet praising some of the female Kenyan journalists working for international media houses like Ann Soy, Beatrice Marshall, Sophie Ikenye, and Catherine Wambua because of their professionalism and lashed out at local media girls like Betty Kyallo and Lillian Muli.

“Saw this & realized we have many professional ladies i.e. Anne Soy, Beatrice Marshall, Sophie Ikenye, Catherine Wambua, etc. with foreign media & judged on their professionalism, while our local girls on tv seem hired on the size of their bosom & booty” he tweeted.

He and others who share these sentiments have a point. Standards have changed and there is more drama than news from our local TV girls these days. Take Betty Kyallo for instance, always trending for the wrong reasons. If it is not drama with Governor Joho, it is with her ex-friend Kaitany, or with her baby daddy and his friends. If Lilian Muli is not slapping waitresses, she is going berserk on her baby daddy in public.

And today, Betty is trending again- for the wrong reasons. While yesterday the Country was plunged into chaos as Government locked out thousands on various city highways, your favorite Influencer was thirst trapping on social media

Kenyans on Twitter (KOT) descended on her over the now-deleted insensitive tweet

Save for a few like Yvonne Okwara, Linda Ogutu, Sophia Wanuna, Victoria Rubadiri, and the Swahili Anchors who generally are underrated but are more disciplined and sharper than their Engish counterparts, most of them eschew integrity, self-awareness, and professionalism.

My advice to the young women journalists looking to work their way up, I recommend that you follow these incredible women and journalism powerhouses who also started from the bottom but worked their way up the ladder to become some of the most prominent figures in the industry today. The likes of Okwara, Christiane Amanpour, and the rest who have put their professionalism at the forefront

What do you think?

Written by Aoko Otieno

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